Our Vision

We aim to be the pioneers of real estate development in MENA through developing high-end projects that promote the existence of self-sufficient and sustainable life, focusing on deliverables quality and services that are specifically tailored for our clients providing an exquisite lifestyle and everlasting designs with an exceptional investment returns.

Our Mission

We create simple, innovative & self sustainable development built to the highest standards. we consider ourselves as a progressive developer using our passion & commitment to deliver innovative design and superior quality to our clients.


We are aware of the value and the importance of providing close undivided attention to every detail and working within the constraints of time and budget. Although, We are committed to the innovative architecture and superior designs , along with respecting all peers and ensure sustainability.


Through our real estate projects we provide our clients with smart innovative services that allow for easier more convenient lifestyle and business operations.

Respect & Commitment

Our main objective is to provide our clients with sustainable green buildings to guarantee healthy and safe environments ensuring quality of life for better future.


We believe that creating value for our clients is the core of our existence, that is why we are all keen about building rapport with them through accurately addressing their needs.

Why Rekaz Developments?

Rekaz has an innovative and unique approach in the delivery of its projects. It strive and function individually in their core specialties, and succeed in adding value when working in collaboration on any given project. As a result a project comes to life starting from land acquisition, concept to design, then contracting to sales. The business model is built on integration and clear open communication channels which has proven to be a rapid growth in the region

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To embark on a journey of success, I firmly believe that the presence of the three pillars; innovative designs, responsibility yet commitment and invest in peers is the key success of the journey.

Gearing up for the future, we are driven by our passion for innovation and carefully maintaining the key factors of success, in order to enhance the quality of life and become the ultimate choice - inspired daily to serve our truly honored motto: Simple yet significant.