Rekaz Developments contracts with “MENTORS” to manage the administrative and medical part of its “OPAL” project

September 12, 2022

Rekaz Developments has contracted with the international company MENTORS to manage the administrative and medical part of “OPAL” project in the New Administrative Capital, as part of Rekaz’s plan to cooperate with distinguished success partners in “OPAL” project.

Eng. Tamer Bakir, CEO of Rekaz Developments, and Eng. Mohammed Al Serry CEO of MENTORS International, have signed the contract in a ceremony with attendance of journalists and officials from both sides.

Eng. Tamer Bakir, CEO of Rekaz Developments, said that maintaining the investment value of any project requires the availability of a successful management to operate it, in order to maintain its quality and the investments that have been pumped into, in addition to preserving the clients’ investments in this project.

He added: “Based on this vision, we decided to cooperate with the international company MENTORS, which is one of the distinguished companies that has a strong local and international business presence that encourages cooperation with it in managing our project in the New Administrative Capital, and since the beginning of our presence in the real estate market, we decided not to give up excellence in all Project details.

He added: “The distinguished level of design of the project, along with the specifications of the buildings, makes the project within the first category CLASS “A”, which requires success.”

He said that mix-use project “OPAL” is located on an area of ​​20.000sqm, includes medical administrative commercial units, at investment of about  300mln pounds. Added that OPAL is located in a privileged place in the MU23, overlooks Mehwar of Al-Amal, with a width of about 100 m, near by the Green River.

The project also includes 240 housing units, 126 medical units, 42 administrative units, and 73 commercial units, with various areas starting from 27 meters for administrative units, 18 meters for commercial units, and starting from 18 meters for medical units. The company also offers payment systems with a down payment starting from 10% and a period Repayment up to 8 years.

He added: The project operates with minimal operating energy as a result of the presence of many specifications such as solar panels, reflective glass and sun breakers. The project includes a meeting room and fully furnished co-working spaces, smart technological operating systems, gym, swimming pool and central meeting room in the administrative part.

He said that the company recently launched a phase of the project called “LIBRA”, which targets entrepreneurs and young people looking for a variety of office spaces with hotel management, so that the customer purchases the space that suits them, whether a space in a main work hall or an owned office which he will  not be responsible for any work related to maintenance Or cleanliness, with the possibility of renting this space for the benefit of the client.

He added that the company is building the project using the BIM system, which is one of the technological programs relies upon to assemble all the project elements from designs and spaces to make sure that there is no conflict between the components of the project and therefore there is no conflict at the time of implementation, and to implement the project according to what was agreed upon with the client.

He confirmed that the project’s multiple elements of excellence contributed to its adoption of the Leed Certificate, an American certificate granted to sustainable green buildings.

He said that the construction rate has reached 30%, which is in line with the president’s directives to reach the construction ratio of the project by no less than 30% before marketing it, and the company plans to complete the project by the end of 2022, added that DC Contracting is building the project.

He added that they are planning new hospitality and housing project in the Red Sea next month, as part of the company’s expansion plan, which aims to expand in a number of areas in the coming period, in the Fifth Settlement, Sheikh Zayed city and the Red Sea, to diversify its investment portfolio.

Dr. Eng. Mohamed El Serry said that MENTORS is a global company founded in 2010 in the Netherlands, and has expanded to reach 18 branches around the world within 11 years. The company provides many services worldwide, and one of the main tasks is to support entrepreneurs and startups, and create an appropriate work environment that supports local and global growth.

He confirmed that the company supports business portfolios, and manages more than 5,000 square meters of fully equipped business spaces in the Egyptian real estate market. The company manages administrative and medical spaces for more than 1,500 clients worldwide so that clients can present their business in the highest quality and professional standards.

MENTORS has also helped a distinguished group of Egyptian startups obtain remittances amounting to more than 50 million dollars during the past three years.