About Rekaz

Rekaz has an innovative and unique approach in the delivery of its projects. It strive and function individually in their core specialties, and succeed in adding value when working in collaboration on any given project. As a result a project comes to life starting from land acquisition, concept to design, then contracting to sales. The business model is built on integration and clear open communication channels which has proven to be a rapid growth in the region.

The company’s clients are local & international property buyers who demand quality, privileged lifestyles, privacy, security and exceptional investment returns. From choosing the best locations, commissioning innovative architects and interior designers, and using reliable contractors and consultants, we are able to provide value properties and a place to be proud to belong to.

Rekaz is a forward integration from Darah Company, which was established in 2003 as an architectural consultancy firm, specialized in architecture, Master planning, Interior design and Project management. Darah insist to consistently deliver outstanding residential, commercial, retail, educational and corporate spaces for our diverse clients. Honored by three AWARDS winning prizes for the unique architecture and innovative designs in local and regional projects.

Our Marks


Rekaz and Darah companies strive and function individually in their separate lines of business, competing in the market and building a solid reputation regarding quality and commitment to excellence. When they do have the opportunity to collaborate together on specific projects, capitalizing on combined experience and know - how where the communication is clear, direct and very effective; create a successful project representing the power of integration.

Rekaz Philosophy

  • Innovative solutions

    Through our real estate projects we provide our clients with smart innovative services that allow for easier more convenient lifestyle and business operations

  • Customer-oriented

    We believe that creating value for our clients is the core of our existence, that is why we are all keen about building rapport with them through accurately addressing their needs, being active listeners, and aiding in problem-solving to ensure our clients’ satisfaction and loyalty

  • Our staff’s safety and health

    We care about our staff and are committed to prevent accidents, injuries and illness related to work, and to protect employees, contractors and others involved along the value chain process. Achieving by that a healthy environment that boosts creativity and productivity.

  • Equality in the workplace

    We have a qualified and motivated staff whom we respect and appreciate, and we believe that equal opportunities for their development and achievement must be provided, forbidding any form of harassment or discrimination. Protecting their privacy and giving them the space needed for productivity and innovation.